• Insurance Reimbursements Made Easy.

    NaturoPay helps patients quickly and securely submit all necessary information for reimbursement from their insurance carrier without changing the provider's ability to receive cash at the time of service.ProvidersPatients
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  • Submit HCFA's Quickly & Easily.

    Continue to receive cash payments up-front but submit HCFA's on behalf of your patients with NaturoPay. Patients will continue to receive their insurance reimbursement directly.ProvidersPricing
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  • Timely Insurance Reimbursements.

    NaturoPay will create and submit health insurance reimbursement paperwork the same day, increasing patient's time to reimbursement and relieving patients of cumbersome paperwork.PatientsPricing
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Submit HCFA's Quickly

Submit your patient's health insurance reimbursement forms quickly without disrupting your normal billing workflows.


Free to Register

Register for free today! Fees will only be incurred as HCFA's are created and sent to health insurance providers for patient reimbursement.


Pricing Options

NaturoPay's subscription pricing options range from Patient Pay to Unlimited HCFA creation and submission to health insurance providers.


Features & Benefits of NaturoPayCreate and submit health insurance reimbursement forms with ease.

Provider & Staff Logins

NaturoPay links staff accounts to a provider or practice account for easy access to the practice's patient database. Providers can add or delete staff accounts as needed.

Patient Database

Patients only need to be added to NaturoPay once. Multiple visits and HCFA's can be created per patient. The patient database can be easily searched and edited to avoid duplicate data entry.

HCFA Recall

Completed and submitted HCFAs are stored in your practice's database and can be viewed, printed, or submitted again if needed.

Customer Support

NaturoPay offers multiple levels of support based on your chosen pricing option. Contact us at info@naturopay.com with any questions.

NaturoPay Health Insurance Reimbursement Form

Patient Payments Up-Front

Your practice will continue receiving patient payments at time of service. NaturoPay simplifies the HCFA completion and submission process for patient reimbursement

Patient Reimbursements

NaturoPay will not change your billing workflows. Your practice can submit HCFA's on your schedule and patients will continue to receive reimbursements directly from their insurance company..

Pricing Options

NaturoPay provides multiple pricing options. Providers can switch between plans at any time to get the most bang for your buck.

Online Solution

NaturoPay is an easy to use online solution that only requires an Internet connection. Your practice will not need to invest in any software or hardware.

Start Using NaturoPay Today.